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When Princess Diana got married I was about 14, and my friends and I stayed up all night to watch! It was a wedding we’d never forget. What a true life fairy tale! Ever since then I’ve followed her and the Royal Family with interest.

After high school graduation a couple of friends and I used our diligently saved baby-sitting money to visit England. One day of that 1984 trip we loitered outside Kensington Palace, flirting with the guards who were not much older than us. After a few hours (!) they confided to us that Diana was about to arrive home and we could stand there right by the driveway if we promised not to do anything stupid.

Trying to “live in the moment” as opposed to looking thru the camera, the one picture we snapped is at the above right! Now I wish I’d looked through the lens! ๐Ÿ˜€ But Diana did smile at us as we awkwardly waved and we were excited to see that she was driving the car herself!

Recently I was delighted to see that Las Vegas now has an Exhibit dedicated to Princess Diana and the Royal Family! I checked it out, so let me fill you in on what it’s like!

The Exhibit is on the 3rd floor of the Shops at Crystals Mall which is right next to the Aria Resort. Click here for directions.

You can buy a regular ticket for around $30 or a VIP ticket for $7 more. VIP gets you an audio guide, entry at anytime, skip the line and a free gift. I got the VIP ticket so I didn’t have to be held to a firm arrival time. Knowing quite a bit about Diana and the Royals, the audio guide wasn’t super interesting or useful for me, but maybe it would be to a Windsors newbie.

Diana glass
VIP Gift

The Exhibit basically goes in chronological order of Diana’s life. There are many photos and personal correspondence from Diana, Charles and some others. Diana’s school notebooks and her hand written hair dresser appointment list was also on display.

Other memorabilia includes a piece of Charles and Diana’s wedding cake(!), the seating chart from their wedding reception, and a quilt featuring Diana’s image which you can’t see up close, but can see from far away.

The exhibit also includes a section on various members of the Royal Family, and even a display of one of Princess Grace of Monaco’s fur’s and gowns.

The part of the exhibit I was most interested in seeing was Diana’s gowns. The website for the exhibit touts having the largest on display collection of Diana’s gowns. In the FAQ section it’s noted that her wedding gown is an “exact replica”. Unfortunately it’s not noted that many of the clothing items on display are recreations made of paper! It must be said these paper recreations are impressive to see, but not exactly what I was picturing or hoping for.

Then there were 81 doll sized replicas (in cloth!) of Diana’s gowns. This was kind of fun to see, but again, not really what I was expecting. ๐Ÿ˜€

The adorable and famous Black Sheep Sweater was on display. It is a replica, and is also sold in the gift shop!

Finally there is a nice display of some of Diana’s actual gowns! I think there were 7 in total.

In summary, I was happy to have spent my money for an hour at this exhibit as opposed to disposing of that money in a slot machine! It was fun to see the real gowns, and some of Diana’s own letters and cards to people. I also thought the wedding reception seating chart was interesting to see, as I’d never come across that before.

Please let me know what you think of the exhibit if you’ve been there! Am I being too hard on it? Thanks for reading!

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