St Marks Basilica

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  1. Thanks for sharing such unique photos and destinations of Venice. It is really helpful form me and my wife to choose the best place to visit. I personally love to watch sunset in Venice. I also want to visit Osteria Mocenigo to try Italian food.

  2. I have been to Venice and had a fantastic time several years ago! Love that city with vaporettos and boats to take you everywhere. Your two day itinerary looks like perfect! It holds its charm on travelers forever. 🙂

  3. I’ve never been to Italy before but I’d love to explore Venice someday! Thanks for sharing your tips for spending two days in Venice. I’ll be saving this for a future trip!

  4. Venice is my favorite European city! This is a lovely two-day itinerary. And I agree that Venice and its canals do not smell. I found them magical!

  5. Fabulous, coming across this post could be a complete sign from the Universe to go ahead with a trip to Italy next year 😀 (My hubby and I have been talking about it!) I love the way you write, it felt like I was right there with you walking around. The intricate patterns of the buildings are so beautiful. Love the guided tours that you went on as well, the historical tidbits are great!

  6. Such a fun post and great pics – love the fact that you kept a receipt from your college trip! And of course the “inclusion” of Dean Martin, Sophia Loren and few other “faces.” Ah, Bella Italia.

  7. Wow! After checking out this blog, I feel like I’ve been there! Great info and lots of stunning photos! I loved the inclusion of the map!