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Las Vegas is constantly evolving and reinventing itself. Even if you’ve been there in the past few years chances are you’re not aware of all of the latest best things! I have rounded up some of the coolest Las Vegas sights for you here!

Shows / Exhibits

The Beatles Love – Cirque Du Soleil

OK, this is not a new sight in Las Vegas, but it will only be around until July 7, 2024, so be sure to catch it! The Mirage Hotel, where this amazing show has resided since its 2006 debut has been bought by the Hard Rock Corporation. Reports say that the existing Mirage Hotel will be torn down and replaced with a guitar-shaped Hard Rock Hotel over the next few years.

Though I’m a lifelong Beatles fan I had never seen this show till this year! I admit to being skeptical, despite Paul and Ringo’s blessing on their music being used. I am really happy to say that it was amazing and delightful! Even if you aren’t a huge Beatles fan the Cirque’s amazing performance will make it well worth your time and money!

The Sphere

The Sphere is a ball-shaped building that houses arena style seats facing a huge screen and stage. The outside of the Sphere constantly projects various moving images. The Sphere opened on September 29, 2023. U2 has a residency performing there through March 2024, followed by Phish in April, then a Grateful Dead / John Mayer band called “Dead & Company“!

When the Sphere isn’t being used for concerts you can get tickets to see “The Sphere Experience“. This consists of one hour in the lobby of the Sphere to explore the holographic art and chat with freakily humanoid robots. Then you enter the theater to see the 50-minute film “Postcards from Earth”. If you’ve ever been to “Soaring over California” at Disneyland/California Adventure it’s similar, but on an even larger screen! The seats vibrate and air/ wind gusts hit you to match with what’s happening on screen. It’s very impressive and well worth seeing, with amazing image quality and sound!

My one beef with the film is that it has a message of what “bad dogs” we are for destroying the earth. This is a valid point, but the film ends with no “solution” or suggestion of what we could do differently other than just figure out how to live on another planet! I left the theater feeling a little scolded and bummed out.

Princess Diana Exhibition

The Museum of Illusions

This is located right next door to the Princess Diana Exhibition. I was walking past it when an employee approached me with a coupon for $5 off. I decided to go in and check it out. Once inside I asked for the total price which was $40! I turned to leave and the employee offered me admission for $25 so I took it. I’m not sure if that was a one-off occurrence, but you might want to try to haggle the price!

The Museum was cool with lots of interesting and mystifying displays. However, it was a place better visited with someone rather than solo. Many of the exhibits involved watching someone else do something, so on my own, there was no way to experience some of it except watching strangers who might happen to be exploring that exhibit.

Watch this video for an overview:


The Chandelier Bar at the Cosmopolitan Hotel

If you’ve ever wanted to lounge inside of a chandelier, this is your place! Dazzling lavender-lit curtains of crystals surround this 3 story bar/lounge. If “I Dream of Jeanie” had a bar this would be it! If you like pretty, sparkly things be sure to check it out!

Vanderpump à Paris at the Paris Hotel

First let me gush about the Paris Hotel! I’d stayed here years and years ago but had forgotten how charming it is! I do believe I will stay here next visit. The attention to detail, the chandeliers, the pretty floral sinks in the bathrooms, the Eiffel Tower, the view of the Bellagio Fountians…I’m in love!

I saw some pictures of the Vanderpump à Paris restaurant and had to check it out. I was dazzled! The atmosphere is of an old Parisian chateau and courtyard on a rainy day. It was full of Art Nouveau-style decorations with velvet, crystals, and black wrought iron. You can be seated on a velvet chaise lounge for dinner! Again, I’m in love!

Incedentally, the food was delicious! I got the Coq au Vin Pot Pie (basically Chicken Pot Pie) and it was amazing! Beats Marie Callender’s hands down 😉

Canaletto Restaurant at the Venetian Hotel

Even though it’s not new, it is always cool to hang out at the Venetian! The decor with an actual Grand Canal and gondoliers is enchanting! Be sure to go to “St. Marks Square” and dine at the Canaletto Restaurant. It has delicious Italian food and it’s so fun to look out at the excellent Clocktower replica, just like you’re there!


Caesars Palace

Fontainebleau Hotel

The Fontainebleau Hotel has been under construction for 16 years and finally opened in December 2023. It was a victim of the 2008 Financial Crisis, then changed ownership multiple times before construction completed. This is a sister hotel to the Rat Pack infested eponymous hotel in Miami Beach, Florida.

Interested to check out the vibe, I visited on a Tuesday afternoon in January 2024. The building is the tallest in Nevada at 67 stories. It is certainly huge inside. I had the feeling of walking through a mostly empty convention center while there. Vast wide and tall open spaces with shiny marble floors were everywhere.

There are clearly more stores and restaurants coming soon. Perhaps it isn’t quite done yet or just needs more people around to make it come to life, but sadly I didn’t feel compelled to stay long. The photos I’ve seen of the rooms look beautiful. Please let me know in the comments if you’ve stayed here and what your thoughts are.

Encore Resort

Resorts World

Resorts World opened in 2021, after having started construction in 2008! It went through ownership changes, impacts from the 2008 Financial Crisis, and a lawsuit from Wynn requiring design changes because it was too similar to the Wynn/Encore. Resorts World is the most expensive resort in Las Vegas, costing $4.3 billion!

It is comprised of 3 different hotels (Conrad, Hilton, and Crockfords), a couple of theaters, 40 restaurants, and bars. There are still walled-up areas, awaiting new stores and restaurants. There is an underground 1-mile tunnel between the Convention Center and Resorts World.

The feeling was very modern and not particularly plush. The food court was the most impressive part for me, with a huge variety and decent food. The resort is at the far north end of the Las Vegas strip so it’s quite far from the other attractions on the strip.

Las Vegas Monorail

After many visits to Las Vegas I’d still never tried the monorail. I figured it was high time to check it out and see if it could save me any precious energy needed to traverse the gigantic hotels!

I caught the Monorail at the Flamingo (took me about 10 minutes to walk from the front door of the Flamingo on the strip to the Monorail platform behind it). I was trying to get to the Encore Hotel, so the closest stop for me was just one stop away at the Harrah’s station. Honestly, this probably did not save me any time at all because walking through the resorts to get to/from the Monorail platforms takes so long. Of course, if I’d been going a greater distance it probably would have been a time/ energy saver.

The Monorail was clean and easy to use. Be sure to check it out if you’re going from place to place on the East side of the Strip.

Map of Mentioned Sights

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