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I have always loved to travel and had envisioned my life full of constant travel! In my early 20’s I spent months in Europe, the East Coast of the US, and even rented an RV and drove through the US Southwest with girlfriends. Then came marriage and kids, and our travel ended up being mostly Disney or camping trips. Very fun at the time!

Now, my kids are adults and I’m no longer married. I continue working as a “data analyst”, which I actually geekily love! But I found myself with lots of spare time on my hands.

After pondering for a while I remembered my youthful love of writing, and my college-age love of photography. In a true lightbulb moment it occurred to me that starting a travel blog would tie together all of my passions! Travel, data, writing and photography!

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So, I started reading every travel blog I could find and realized what an amazing resource they are! So fun to get a personal perspective and to find out about places/ tips I would have never known otherwise. I also noted the things I really liked (and didn’t like) about each blog to try to incorporate into my own blog.

I’ve been really enjoying learning about the blogging “business” and doing all of the work surrounding blogging. (And Wow, it’s a lot of work and time!) It’s a whole new world for me. It’s so fun to learn something totally new, get to be a little creative, and hopefully provide something useful or at least amusing to other people!

And now for something completely different:

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