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  1. As a gal who is lives in Kansas, I can confirm, we do not have wine vending machines! haha Great post! And I am excited to return so I can check out all these yummy places, buy a plate and get wine out of a vending machine 🙂

  2. So, I might be showing my lack of poshness, but that beautiful bowl of carbonara from Osteria Da Fortunata is calling to me just as much as the fine dining options!

    I have only visit Rome once, long before we had phones with maps and we *still* found so much fabulous food. I have a feeling that almost everything made in that city is good to eat! Ahhh you left me hungry after reading this!

  3. Your post brings back good memories. We had a not-so-great experience in Rome’s old town with a tourist restaurant and then a fantastic cheap and good meal at Termini station market. So you never know 🙂 Also, thanks for explaining the difference between ice cream and gelato – had no idea!