(Last Updated On: October 4, 2023)

With over 13,000 restaurants to choose from in Rome, it’s quite a daunting and delicious task to decide where to eat! Here are my suggestions to get you started!

All Brothers Wine Bar – lunch near the Vatican

This little restaurant was the closest one we could find by the Vatican. Descent, inexpensive lunch after our morning touring the Vatican Museums and St. Peters. Good pizzas, sandwiches and beer!

Sant’ Eustachio Caffe – best coffee

This popular cafe is a one minute walk from the Pantheon. It was established in 1938, and is said by many to serve the best coffee in Rome. I definitely enjoyed the coffee, so smooth! The cafe has coffee for sale and other fun gift items. To order you pay first at the cash register on the right of the entrance, they give you a receipt and you walk to the bar on the other side and hand that to a barista. Alternatively, you can sit at a table outside where a waiter will serve you. This costs quite a bit more than ordering/drinking your coffee at the bar.

Gunther Gelato – best gelato

Gunther’s was recommended to me as Rome’s best authentic gelato by a Rome afficianado friend. There are 4 locations in Rome. We were all delighted by their gelato and the opportunity to get a small cup with 3 different flavors.

Osteria Da Fortunata – best Carbonara and cute plates!

Osteria Da Fortunata (Lucky Tavern!) is a two minute walk from Campo de’ Fiori. Amazing Carbonara, THE pasta dish to have in Rome! I thought their dishes were so cute I asked if I could buy one, even though they don’t typically sell them. They sold me one for 10€, and it sits proudly on my kitchen counter, reminding me every day of our wonderful meal there!

Aroma – gourmet food with a Colosseum view

Aroma is a Michelin star restaurant on the top floor of Hotel Palazzo Manfredi. It has an amazing view of the Colosseum. We splurged big on this dinner and it was worth it! The view overlooking the Colosseum at and after sunset was priceless. Being a Michelin star restaurant the food wasn’t too shabby either!

La Fata Ignorante – cool rooftop bar/restaurant and more!

La Fata Ignorante (The Ignorant Fairy) is a fun restaurant, with delicious espresso martinis, on the top of the iQ Hotel. The food, drinks and atmosphere were all great! One of the most memorable things to me about this place was the wine vending machine near the restroom! I’d never seen such a thing before! Across from the vending machine they had two wine bottle openers available. Such a fun reminder that I “wasn’t in Kansas anymore!” (Not that I’ve ever been to Kansas.).

As you may know, in the US we tend to have ice with any cold drink, but that is not common in Europe. Being there in July, I was desperate for ice water constantly. I asked for ice with my water at this restaurant and they brought a tiny bowl with 3 tiny ice cubes. So, the other super exciting find on my way to the restroom was the hotel’s ice machine! I was able to get a good sized cup of ice to bring back to the table for all of us. I felt like I’d struck gold! 😀