(Last Updated On: January 10, 2024)

The restaurant choices in New York City are endless! I don’t know much about food, except for liking to eat it. I do appreciate fine dining, probably as much for the atmosphere as the food.  Here are a few places I really enjoyed and recommend you try out.

Here I am a little too happy about a roasted chestnut

Tavern on the Green

The famous Tavern on the Green is located in Central Park, on the West side. I had to go here after hearing of it all my life plus seeing it in movies. I went on a weekday for lunch. It wasn’t very crowded… just “ladies who lunch”, which was kind of fun to see. I got a delicious salmon burger and fries. I’d love to go again sometime in nice weather. It must be very pretty and festive on a warm night on the patio with the twinkle lights!

House of Lasagna

This small place is down the street from the POD 39 hotel in the Murray Hill area. I had the best lasagna I’ve ever had here! For real! Check it out if you’re in that area.

Mmmmm mmmh

Tiki Chick

Ok, it’s more of a bar, but they do serve food! I was meeting friends at a trendy brunch place on the Upper West side, and when we arrived the wait was over an hour. So we wandered around and found the Tiki Chick! Whats not to like about taking shelter from the snow in a tiki bar in January!? We were starving so the bacon & egg sandwiches we were able to get there hit the spot. And, I got a flaming drink!! You know you’re having a fun day when it starts out with a flaming drink!

Alice’s Tea Cup

This is a charming Alice In Wonderland themed tea restaurant where you can get high tea. Super girly and fun!

Magic Hour Rooftop Bar

This is a very “Instagramable” spot. Pinkness abounds! View of the Empire State Building! A vintage carousel as a seating option. In warm weather they have the outdoor section open which includes a miniature golf course! Fun!


Birdland is a classic jazz venue. It’s been around since 1947. I attended a dinner show tribute to Edith Piaf. It was one of the highlights of that trip! I felt like I’d stepped back in time and/ or was in a movie!

Fraunces Tavern

This restaurant was established in 1762, and was a hang out of George Washington! A very fun historic place to see. I was there in mid-afternoon so just got a charcuterie board, which was excellent!

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