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Is Pacific Grove worth a visit? What’s it like? I sense you wondering these things, so let me fill you in!

Pacific Grove (called “PG” by the locals) is a small (pop.15,000) seaside town between Monterey and Carmel, California. There are beautiful beaches & ocean views, lots of those colorful pretty flowers you only see near the beach, Victorian Houses, cute shops and restaurants! According to our old pal the internet, PG averages 267 sunny days per year, and has a mild climate between lows in the 40’s and highs in the 70s.

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What to See

Lovers Point Beach

Gorgeous views and a nice beach with coooooold water! Good spot for sunrise watching since this beach is facing north-east.

Berwick Park – Breaching Whales Sculpture

This grassy park is near Lovers Point Beach. A fun feature there is this whale sculpture. It was made from two dying cypress trees. Apparently it’s “controversial” because whales do not actually have those colors. Whatever!! It’s art and it’s fun to imitate in a picture!

Rip Van Winkle Open Space

If you’re tired of looking at the boring ol’ majesty of the Pacific Ocean, you could check out this park! I went here because dogs can go off leash and I thought I’d give my dog a fun outing! Cool Pacific Grove type trees and sandy paths with the roar of the ocean in the distance! My dog gave it two paws up!

Asilomar State Beach

Gorgeous beach with white sand and tide pools!

The Butterfly House

This private residence at 309 9th St has a really nice background story. There was a couple who lived there and the wife was losing her sight. She could still see bright colors so her husband started buying her colorful butterfly decor, which she loved. He put them on the outside of their house so she could easily identify her home while out on walks. There is a “Wall of Hope” on the side of the house representing donations to Blind & Visually Impaired Center of Monterey County.

The Quill

The Quill is a charming gift and stationery store on Lighthouse Ave (the main drag of Pacific Grove). I love this kind of store: cards, fun random books, knick-nacks, candles, soaps, kids books and toys. Something to amuse everyone who comes in to browse!

Variety – Home, Garden and Gifts

Wonderfully decorated shop full of all sorts of unique and fun items!

Where to Eat

Red House Cafe

This is one of the top rated restaurants in Pacific Grove (per Yelp and Trip Advisor), so I took one for the team and checked it out! It is a charming place with indoor and outdoor seating. It is a former residence, built in 1895, so there are several different dining rooms inside including one with a fireplace.

I got a spinach salad and crab cakes. Both excellent and big enough to bring 1/2 home for tomorrows lunch. They also feature signature homemade cookies here, Oatmeal, Apricot & Pecan. I tried one and it was good, sticky on the bottom, but I probably wouldn’t go out of my way for another one. Keep in mind, I know nothing about food, and would prefer all cookies contain chocolate.

Aliotti’s Victorian Corner Restaurant

Good solid American place for breakfast, lunch, or dinner! I recommend!

Patisserie Bechler

I visited this French bakery around 1PM, so obv did not get the morning fresh baked goods. Still the ham and cheese croissant and pecan snail I tried were delicious! Must be amazing first thing in the morning! (If I could ever get up that early.)

Where to Stay

Seven Gables Inn

If you have a spare arm or leg, this is the place to go! Haha! Actually this would be well worth a special treat vacation stay. Charm up the wazoo, and views to die for! All rooms feature ocean views.

The Olympia Lodge

This recommendation comes from two ladies I met while dining at the Red House. The ladies said it was basic, clean, no real issues. It is motel-like with outdoor corridors and no bellhop to help with getting luggage up the stairs, even to a first level room. They commented on a smell, but thought it might be an “ocean smell”. This may be a good less expensive option to the pricy bed and breakfasts. BTW, I drove past this place and there are several similar looking h/motels nearby. They look a bit like converted office buildings. So, if you just want a relatively inexpensive place to stay this hotel or the ones near it may be a good bet.

What I learned, so you don’t have to

Weather: Like San Francisco, Pacific Grove is a place where the weather can catch you by surprise. Be sure to dress in layers, and have a warm jacket. That said, one of my favorite jackets is one I had to buy here at a tourist shop because I was unprepared. $15 a few years ago and I still wear it all the time!

Scary deer: The deer are very unafraid of people, but don’t get too close to them, they will defend their babies. (yes, any moron should know this, but wasn’t thinking about it and narrowly escaped a deer ferociously massacring me and my dog).

Ferocious Deer in Pacific Grove

Map of Mentioned Places

Please let me know if you have any recommendations for else what to see or do in PG! I’m always looking forward to visiting and checking out new things. Thanks for reading!

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